11 August, 2008

Not only is he a warmonger, but a pervert!!!!!!!

The new vast wasteland, known as the Internet, is having a the usual childish giggles poking fun at GW for going dirty old man on Olympic beach volleyball goddess Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. Glad to see some things haven't changed.

And speaking as a heterosexual male, at least my boyfriend claims I am, do you blame him?


Brooke said...

I think the 'thumbs up" at the chick's butt is TOO funny!

Obob said...

could you seen the "moral" outrage had POTUS tapped her on the tail? It almost would have been worth it.

Brooke said...

Oh, yeah! LOL!

What he SHOULD'VE done is, when the tail was offered, grabbed the bikini bottoms and given her an atomic wedgie.

Then, "Oh. I thought THAT was what you meant when you said, 'want to?'"


Always On Watch said...

Nothing wrong with GWB's thumbs up. After all, he had better sense that to smack her on her offered butt.

I wonder if Laura scolded him? Hehehe.

Patrick M said...

Two words come to mind as I look at these pics: Lucky Bastard.

Z said...

More words than that come to my mind: "8 years in office, after CLINTON, and you get NEAR a woman dressed that scantily who's pushing her toosh in your face?"!!!

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Kissinger Doing the Weather
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