01 March, 2011

Hello again

I keep saying this and then I keep disappearing, life is that busy. But maybe it's time. I started blogging to play around and vent. After seeing the disappearing act of Indiana's Dems as they skedaddled to Urbana, it offended me. That and I need a political vent.
Stay tuned buckaroos ....

21 December, 2009


What a Year

Well kiddos, I apologize for my absences, bad year. But enough of that.
I need to spend some time in the minors before I can come back to majors with y'all, so excuse a few fouls.
Most of all, I'm back, let's have some fun

25 May, 2009

Still Alive

Thinking of the blogopshere.

23 February, 2009

I was kidding

I was joking with a friend of mine about the pom-poms placed under seats in the Brady Press Room for reporters during Obama's Press Conferences.
Then Jennifer Rubin tells us I may not be that far off.
In a Newsweek cover story — half cheerleading and half-denial — Jonathan Alter lauds the president’s ability to provide the confidence and vision needed to lift us out of the recession. “The president is well poised to bring us back from the brink,” he pronounces. It is not the policies that Alter focuses upon, but Obama’s supposed ability to provide psychological solace to us.

That ain't Helen Thomas.

Kissinger Doing the Weather

Kissinger Doing the Weather
Back in the early 90s, I awoke with a wicked hang over one morning. As I sat on the floor watching the morning news, I swore I saw Harold Kissinger doing the weather. No one believed me. Professors discounted me. I have been vindicated.
Marriage is love.

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