21 December, 2009

What a Year

Well kiddos, I apologize for my absences, bad year. But enough of that.
I need to spend some time in the minors before I can come back to majors with y'all, so excuse a few fouls.
Most of all, I'm back, let's have some fun


Beth said...

Hi Obob, your comment at my blog was a sight for sore eyes! So glad to see you back!

tha malcontent said...

You are excused.

Kissinger Doing the Weather

Kissinger Doing the Weather
Back in the early 90s, I awoke with a wicked hang over one morning. As I sat on the floor watching the morning news, I swore I saw Harold Kissinger doing the weather. No one believed me. Professors discounted me. I have been vindicated.
Marriage is love.

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