23 February, 2009

I was kidding

I was joking with a friend of mine about the pom-poms placed under seats in the Brady Press Room for reporters during Obama's Press Conferences.
Then Jennifer Rubin tells us I may not be that far off.
In a Newsweek cover story — half cheerleading and half-denial — Jonathan Alter lauds the president’s ability to provide the confidence and vision needed to lift us out of the recession. “The president is well poised to bring us back from the brink,” he pronounces. It is not the policies that Alter focuses upon, but Obama’s supposed ability to provide psychological solace to us.

That ain't Helen Thomas.


Beth said...

Welcome back, Obob!

Are you suggesting that the media is in love with Obama or something?

Obob said...

back and I'm bad, when time allows.
And just making an observation.

Brooke said...

They damn well better cheer Obama, or he'll kick their butts to the curb, and they know it.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hello my friend.welcome back!!!.and the beat goes on eh!...:) what will the future bring?:)

Chuck said...

One of these young ladies may have been Helen Thomas, about 90 years ago.

As far as the press, between the fawning in the press room and Chris Matthew's gay crush, it's getting nauseating.

Cappy said...

If they replace Thomas with some of these babes maybe I'll watch some of Obama's BS press conferences.

Time said...

With law makers and community representatives having spent time discussing the worst problems of the day, President Obama allowed McCain to have the first voice out of all the "big shots" in the room.

McCain gets on his feet in this room full of leaders (on CSPAN national TV) and berates the President about the cost of his helicopter.

Now that's leadership, after a day of discussing problems that might crumble the great United States.

If Republicans want the country to listen to them, maybe this is the time for them to get serious, especially since they caused the problems President Obama is trying to solve.

Obob said...

this is going to be fun

BB-Idaho said...

No need for pom-poms, just have anyone who disagrees removed from the audience...ya know, like Bush?

Loves To Debate said...

I really enjoyed your blog...thanks for it

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Jonathan Alter lauds the president’s ability to provide the confidence and vision needed..."

"He appealed to people’s best hopes, not their fears, to their confidence rather than their doubts." --

"...for Americans could see some of Ronald Reagan in themselves. You couldn’t figure him out like a fact, because to Reagan the main fact was a vision."

--Tribute to Ronald Reagan by George P. Schultz, upon his passing.

No. It ain't Helen Thomas; it's Alter comparing Obama to Reagan.

And the comparison, right there in black and white, is very apt.

You had your Great Communicator who gave the American people confidence and who had a vision.

When those very same attributes are present in a Democratic president and a reporter comments on them, you consider it fawning?


Z-man said...

Why don't they all have the next press conference at Hef's mansion, get the oil and mats ready and be done with it?

Z said...

Jonathan Alter is a HACK.

Helen Thomas is.......well, I'd not be polite!

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